As an entrepreneur, do you look after your own branding and marketing?
What challenges do you face with your branding and marketing?

We have helped clients generate leads, improve their online presence, modernise their branding and get in front of the right audience.

How? In three key areas

Brand and Marketing Strategy Brand and Marketing Consulting Brand and Marketing Management

We specialise in working with Small to Medium Brands, but we have also worked with National and International Brands.

With a collective of five years’ experience in the Brand and Marketing world, we have worked with various companies and brands in a range of industries; from contractors to web developers, finance to sport, recruitment to solicitors, start-ups and established brands, and everywhere in-between.


Nothing is off limits if your brand is consistent, and with hawX giving you a bird’s eye view, it can be.


With the support from our amazing Trusted Partners, the full Brand and Marketing Management Experience includes, logo designs, advertising, web development, social media training, videos, photos and much more! This allows us to work even closer with you and your Brand to make sure everything is consistent and fits perfectly into place.

With your own personal Brand Management Centre, you have an easier solution for your Brand, as you will only have one point of contact, rather than several. This will free up even more of your time. What would you do with all that free time?

Put it back into your business? Spend it with your family? Or simply, just to put your feet up?

Do we stop there? No! We will also brand the things that are usually left out when it comes to branding. What are these you ask? We can also brand your contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, invoices, and receipts. This reinforces your Brand at, probably, the most important point.

Speaking of contracts, agreements and terms and conditions, one of our Trusted Partners is a legal expert. This means we can write, review, or redraft the documents as per your requirements, and then add the finishing touches with your Branding.

With our Consulting Packages, we can also show you unique and exciting ways to market you brand. Ways you may have never thought of before. 

With a simple process, we can learn about you and your Brand whilst making you think deeper about your Brand and where you want to the future to go.

Every strategy is bespoke for each Brand which is why we are so effective when working with start-ups and established Brands.