Now that you have your amazing, fresh new Brand Design, what are the next steps?


Well, to tell the world of course. How do we do this you ask?


By generating Brand Awareness! The next step is to work with our super team of Trusted Partners that specialise is Brand Awareness, Advertising, Marketing and PR.


Continuing to follow your Brand Strategy, we can put a Marketing Strategy in place tailored to your budget, time frame and most importantly, your Brand Strategy. 

From here, we work with the Trusted Partners that are best suited to the needs of your and your Brand.


Whether you want Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Digital Marketing or any other form of Advertising, Marketing or PR, our Trusted Partners can deliver. 


We have Trusted Partners that specialise in Videography and Photography so we can great visual adverts that are tailored to your Brand and show why you and your Brand are special! 


Everything we can do for your Brand, will be managed by us here at hawX so you can be relaxed and positive about your Brand being looked after and promoted professionally. 

We can focus on many different forms of advertising, but the most effective ones are Lead Generation and promoting your website/ social media pages


Lead Generation adverts allow you to generate new leads for your brand where the leads come to you. This advert is useful for brands that have some free time on their hands and want to increase their potential income.


Promoting your website or social media pages allows you to push your brand out to a wider audience of potential customers who might not even be following your page. This is also increase brand awareness. This is extremely useful for brands that have an ecommerce store or promote a lot more on their website or social media pages.