Do you want a Brand Design that builds credibility and Brand recognition?


After we have completed your Brand Strategy, we put on our creative hats and work with our Trusted Partners that specialise in Brand Design. Our Trusted Partners will design you a Brand that you will be proud to show off to the world!


Your Brand Identity needs to make a great first impression to stand out. To do this, you need a high-quality Brand Design that shows off your company, values, principles, and Brand Identity. 

Here at hawX, we can manage your full Brand Design from logos to websites, business cards to social media templates and banners and any other artwork and graphic design your Brand needs. 

With your Brand Design needs, we make sure everything is consistent across all the platforms you use for your Brand. This means your customers will recognise your Brand from anywhere, whether it is on a business card or a social media post.  

Our talented Trusted Partners work with us to make sure your Brand Design matches your Brand values, your mission, and your vision. This reinforces the consistency needed for a great Brand.  

Our Trusted Partners can create professional and effective Brand Designs that can help kickstart your business or take your Branding to the next level.

We work with Start-ups that need a Brand Design from scratch and do not have the contacts to start designing their Brand, as well as already established businesses that want to refresh or update their Brand Design needs. 

Or simply need a fresh pair of eyes to look at their Brand Design.  

With all our clients, we can help your Brand stand out and be recognisable. 

Working with out Trusted Partners, we can come together with a new approach for your Brand Design. With an exciting and refreshed Brand Design,
we can help increase engagement from your target market and attract new customers.