Here at hawX, we are dedicated to helping your brand eXcel.


We do this by giving you the full Brand Management Experience!


We have the passion to learn about you and your brand! 


We will walk you through a Brand Management Guide so we can learn the passion behind you starting your Brand!


With the Brand Management Guide, we will also get you thinking deeper about your Brand and the future of your Brand. 


The Brand Management Guide will be updated and refreshed throughout the years as you complete your goals with your Brand. It is a great way to stay on-top of your goals and where you want to take your Brand.

How do we get your Brand to where you want it? 


With a fully bespoke Brand Strategy, tailored entirely to your Brand, your goals, and your budget. 


The Brand Strategy will be different for each Brand and just like the Brand Management Guide, is a way to stay on track with your Brand.


Your Brand Strategy can also be adapted as your Brand and budget begins to grow and you complete your goals. 

With your own personal Brand Management Centre, we can keep all your Branding in one place, and you will have your own Brand Manager looking after you and your Brand. 

This means you can continue to focus on your business, knowing your Brand is being looked after.


Within your Brand Management Centre, you can view your Website, your Social Media Pages, your Logos, Graphics, and other parts of your Brand! 

You will also have contact with your Brand Manager where you will be able to talk about specific parts of your Brand, your Brand as a whole, and even book meetings and video calls!

While you put your feet, spend time with the family or focus on the more important parts of your business, we will look after and develop your Brand.