Now that you have your fresh new Brand and Marketing Strategy, what are the next steps?


Well, to make sure your plan of action does not collect dust! How do we do this? 


Here at hawX, we offer Brand and Marketing Consulting to give you a kick up the backside and make sure you get the most out of your Strategy. 


Continuing to follow your plan of action, through our consulting, we give you advice and hints and tips to help you achieve your Brand and Marketing goals.  

Most importantly, the key part of our consulting is to push you to your limits. We help make sure you are doing your best to make your Brand and Marketing goals achievable. 



Our consulting packages come in handy for SME’s and Start-Ups that have smaller budgets and need us to guide you through your Branding and Marketing Strategy. 



We also offer Brand and Marketing Consulting to businesses that have an in-house Marketing team but need someone to help guide them and create strategies to make sure you are getting the most out of your Branding and Marketing.



With a wide range of businesses and services for all your Branding and Marketing needs, it can be over whelming to make sure you are making the right choices
for your Brand. This is another problem our consulting can help solve.


We make sure the best path is being followed to reach your Brand and Marketing goal. 

Another brilliant benefit you receive from our consulting packages is having our knowledge of all the different ways you can get in-front of the right audience,
grow your Brand and stay within your budget. 

If you have hired a new member of staff, we can also offer consulting packages to get them up to speed with your Branding and Marketing.