Do you need a plan of action to make sure you hit your Brand and Marketing goals? 

Here at hawX, we can work with you to create a bespoke strategy for your Brand. 

This strategy will be a simple yet effective plan of action to help keep you on track when it comes to developing your Brand and getting your brand out to the world.

When working with you to create your Brand and Marketing Strategy, we tailor the plan of action to suit your needs. 

We work within your budget and scale the timeframe to make sure your Brand and Marketing goals are achievable.  

The first step in creating the Brand and Marketing Strategy is to dig deeper into your Brand. This allows us to learn about your Brand and the visions and missions you have. 


 Taking the time to develop our knowledge of your Brand and where you wish to take it, allows us to build a lasting relationship with you, where we can make the right decisions to grow your Brand through effective means of Marketing. 


The next stage of the Brand and Marketing Strategy is for us to learn about you ideal Target Market, as well as learning about the type of customers you wish to stay away from. 

After learning about your ideal Target Market, we walk through The Buyer Journey Map with you. This allows us all to understand the journey your customers make before buying from you.

Now knowing the journey of your customers, the next step in the Brand and Marketing Strategy is to learn about your customers relationship with your Brand. You customers may think differently about your Brand than you do. This does not mean they think any less of your Brand.


Now the exciting part! We discuss your goals for your Brand and Marketing Strategy.


 Working with your budget, we develop a reasonable time frame to make sure your goals are achievable.  


Working with out Trusted Partners, we can come together with a new approach for your Brand Design. With an exciting and refreshed Brand Design,
we can help increase engagement from your target market and attract new customers. 


Finally, how well do you know your competitors? The final step of the Brand and Marketing Strategy is comparing your Brand, to your competitors.